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Al Quran app is a genuine solution for you to learn quran majeed , read and listen holy quran anytime, anywhere. You can choose to read text or listen quran audio to create islamic reminders of prayer times like the Ramadan journal app.

The Holy Quran Shareef is the most important religious text of Islam. The Quran Tafsir is written in Arabic and the Quran transliteration has many different languages around the world for use by Muslims. This al quran app audio app helps you to access the noble quran to learn quran recitation, remind islamic prayer times like ramadan alarm, fasting tracker wherever you are. This islamic apps will help you to start your day auspiciously, atone for sins and gain blessings in each prayer time .

5 Main features of Holy Quran: Ramadan 2023

✔️ Clearly quran reading without internet
This AI quran bangla app provides quran reader hd mode & user can zoom out for reading. Users can change the font of quran translation optionally. This recitation app helps users recite quran offline without internet. You can access to 99 para quran majeed according to ramadan calendar
Beside quran english translation & quran arabic, it is translated into Bengla, Urdu, Hindi, German, Spanish, Portuguese,...

✔️ Listening to the quran audio in multiple languages

AI Quran Kareem - helps you to listen to all the surahs of the Quran. Listen holy to 114 surahs, 99 para quran without interruption. You can listen to 99 Names of Allah also. With this quran offline app, users can make the quran explorer through the mp3 quran in english, quran urdu & other audio quran lessons.

✔️Prayer Times & quran learning Reminder
Coran holy kareem reminds you of the exact quran prayer times: Fajr, Dahur, Asar, Maghrib & Isha. With this english quran ramadam tracking, You remember of halal food finder & don't forget salat times any more, . It's also a smart alarm for quran education & islamic teachings.

✔️ Quran resume for quranic memorization

Beside islamic audiobooks, this quran explorer app provides resume for user to easly understand & read coran and memorize.

✔️ Qibla direction for qibla finder & ramadan alarm

Qibla direction in quran pro easily Find Mecca Direction, muslim prayer times, & ramadan planner. Tasbeeh Counter, 99 Names Of Allah, Islamic zikar o azkar, Zakat Calculator, Hijri Calendar are all in qibla compass. Islamic Date Converter all in one in the muslim app. You can get prayer alarm notifications by location and set your customized muslim prayer by comparing the Azan Timing of your Nearest Mosque.

We bring you AI Quran MP3 with which is a quran pro application for muslims. You can learn quran by quran reading, listen holy and try quran memorization with resume of quran transliteration. It's a reminder tool to alert you to prayer times to make sure you do not forget to pray. It also provides users with 99 Name of Allah & qibla direction.

All Muslim pro- consider the Koran to be the perfect, eternal, beautiful message of Allah. The Quran Shareef gives people broad religious and religious values & ramadan countdown. The central message of the Quran Shareef is that mankind has now been swept away from the truths that Allah presented to people like Noah, Abraham, Moses and Jesus.

AI Quran Majeed: Ramadan 2023 is completely no fee. Don't forget to share it with your friends and relatives to prepare a ramadan timetable for ramadan kareem. Let's bring the Holy Quran to everyone.

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