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Animal Rampage - The best FREE wild animal simulator for Android

Get your animal rage on with this fun, zany, ridiculous 3D animal simulator for kids, teens, and adults. Your only job is to create as much mayhem and destruction as possible in a very big world filled with goodies while surviving as long as you can. Chase and attack interactive guys and girls, flip cop cars until they catch fire,and discover hidden villages to explore. It's not easy to catch the people, some run very very fast!

Go on a wolf quest, down the rabbit hole with cute, dangerous bunny, be the lion king, jump high with the stag, hunt like a bear, bite hard with crocodile, roar like T-Rex, or show your rage with gorilla.

The city level starts you out as a wolf on highway looking at a farmer, a truck, a cop car, and a dude that looks like he can run very fast. As you walk towards the dude, he turns around and starts running the other way. You stop, he stops and looks back at you. You decide to attack him, but he turns around and runs really fast. Every time you get close, he makes an interesting turn so you just miss him. Finally you make the right move to bite him and it sends him flying like a rag doll high into the air, crashing into the cop car. That was funny. You run as fast as you can into the police car and your force sends the car speeding into a hill and then up 20 feet into the air. As it comes crashing down you hear the explosion as it catches fire. As you hit boxes and crates, you see golden coins popping out. This is nice, you can collect gold coins to upgrade your wild pet to lion, buck, crocodile, bear, cute dangerous bunny, gorilla, or T Rex. It is like owning your own wild animal zoo. Each animal has different attacks and some are more powerful than others. But wait, why is that guy dressed like a SWAT member running towards you? Should he not be scared? You turn around and hear the first shot fired. It misses you, but you are mad. You take cover and time the shots as you plan your next attack...will you survive the day?


-Fast paced action or just enjoy the nature, it is up to you how to play this interactive game
-Play wolf, lion, stag, bear, crocodile, rabbit, gorilla, or dinosaur TRex
-Super huge worlds to discover
-Amazing 3D graphics
-Easy controls great for kids
-Interactive characters like a dancing guy in a barn and a girl doing salsa in the mountains level
-Cool sound effects and music track

Please mention an animal or creature (goat, dog, flying pony, unicorn, mermaid, more dinosaurs, etc.) you would want included in future versions of the game. This could be done in a review or by contacting us.

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