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Drag, Aim, Shoot! Out-duel your opponent in Basket Brawl! How many levels can you complete?

In Basket Brawl there are and endless number of levels, each with their own unique concept! Not only that but there are over 100 unlockable balls, 100 missions to complete, and 8 cool themes! Come check it out for yourself!

Drag your finger to sling the ball into the hoop, all while avoiding perilous and your opponents ball. The first one to make three shots in a level is the winner. You will face someone different in every level!

Some levels have spinning saw-blades, others have moving barriers, and some even have fast moving pendulums, and it's your job to navigate past these obstacles and make 3 baskets before your opponent does. While going through each level, you are going to want to complete missions and challenges, as they will let you unlock new themes and collectible balls to use.

There are over 100 unlockable balls in Basket Brawl and they are unlocked in a variety of ways. Some balls can be unlocked using the in game virtual currency that can be earned by completing missions and levels, or through IAPs. Other balls are unlocked as a Daily Reward, some balls are unlocked by completing missions, and some are unlocked by completing Special Challenges. These Special Challenges are meant to provide difficult objectives for high level players to accomplish.

There are 8 total themes in Basket Brawl that can be unlocked by completing missions and purchasing them with virtual currency. These themes range from outer space, to a big city, to an actual basketball court. The themes take a bit longer to unlock and are meant to allow the players to have some long term goals in game.

There are a ton of different special shots you can make in Basket Brawl! You can bounce the ball off the wall, ground, or ceiling into the hoop. You can even bounce the ball off your opponents into the hoop! Performing one of these special shots will get you more points and plenty of coins! Making these special shots is also required for some missions and challenges as well.

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