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Learning Map Indonesia is to learn about the application name and the name of a map of provinces and districts in Indonesia. Through this application the kids can learn to recognize Indonesian geographical area in a fun way.

In this Indonesian study geography app students can practice to know the capital city of 33 provinces in Indonesia.

Learning features:
- Learning Map Indonesia
- Learning Map Perbatasa Indonesia
- Learn province in Java
- Learn province in Sumatra Island
- Learn province on Borneo island
- Learn province in Sulawesi
- Learn province on the island of Bali and Nusa Tenggara
- Learn province on the island of Maluku
- Learning Province in New Guinea

Playing Features:
- Play Guess the provincial capital
- Play Guess District
- Play Guess Border

serial Secil
Secil abbreviated Serial Learning Little is set Serial Application Kids Learning Indonesian Language specially packaged in an interactive and interesting that we created specifically for Indonesian children. Already there are several series that have been released as Secil Learning Letter, Secil Learning Hijaiyah, Secil Islamic Prayer Study, Secil Learning Tajweed and many others

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