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Block Crush is a wood block Sudoku puzzle game. Block Crush has both classic wood block puzzle games and matching block puzzle game. Block Crush is really a relax block puzzle game.

Features of this block puzzle:
Block Crush - Matching block puzzle
Block Crush is a matching block puzzle game like 3 match game. Each block crush level has a goal, when you collect the elements in the goal, you finished this level. When you finish a level, you make a step forward in the adventure map.
The elements collected in the level goals are very interesting, they are jewel blocks, flying butterfly, fruits on the trees, newborn chicks with naughty sounds, adorable penguins unexpectedly frozen waiting for your rescue, and so on.
And also in the Block Crush levels, there are many game props, such as bomb, rocket, rotate, and so on.

Classic Sudoku block puzzle
In the classic model, you will earn as many points as you can to beat our highest score earned before!
※ Move the woody blocks from the bottom to the big Sudoku wood grid, you will get the basic points.
※ If you move the woody blocks into a line (a row or a column) or 3x3 square, these cube blocks in this line or square will be removed, then you will get the extra points + the basic points.
※ When you remove cube blocks in more than one line or one 3x3 square at a time, you will get a streak reward of additional points + the extra points + the basic points.
※ When you remove cube blocks in every three moving steps, you will get a combo reward of additional points + the extra points + the basic points.
Every day when you challenge your highest score, you will find this classic wood Sudoku block so attractive and relax, and also it will train your brain.

Block Jigsaw
Block Jigsaw is a gameplay using wood block jigsaw pieces to construct a graphic, like a cat, a dog, or others. You can move the block jigsaw pieces from the bottom of the game to the graph outline, when all the jigsaw blocks are in the correct place, the cat or the dog will be constructed successfully.

Colored Tangram Puzzle
Colored Tangram Puzzles are very each and fun. Just drag the colored wood blocks to complete a square or other irregular shapes.

Daily Challenge
When you have relaxed your mind with the above wood block puzzle games and want to have some challenges, there are three challenges every day. This block puzzle challenges will exercise and train your brain.

Jigsaw event
When you play block crush gameplay, you will find the jigsaw event to get beautiful pictures.

Decorate your own world, like rooms, gardens, and so on.

Adventure map
The adventure map in the block crush gameplay has many different adventure scenes, such as spring, farm, volcano, snowfield, and so on.

This is really an amazing block puzzle game for Sudoku! Play it, you won't regret it!

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