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Bus Tuan Muda Basuri V5 is a bus simulation game that offers a very realistic bus driving experience. In this game, you will feel the sensation of being a bus driver with various interesting features that are ready to pamper simulation fans.

Main feature:

1. Realistic Simulation:
Enjoy stunning graphics and detailed environments.
A physics system that is close to reality makes the driving experience more authentic.

2. Young Master Basuri Air Horn:
Equip your bus with Tuan Muda Basuri's iconic air horn and make sure your every trip is more lively.

3. Snaking Bus:
Experience the challenge of driving a long bus on various winding and busy routes.

4. Upper Funnel Young Master:
Use Tuan Muda Basuri's distinctive top funnel to add a different driving sensation.

5. Telolet Viral:
Play the viral telolet horn and enjoy the reactions of passengers and pedestrians along your journey.

This game is designed to provide the best bus simulation experience with Tuan Muda Basuri's signature touch. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in simulation games, Bus Tuan Muda Basuri V5 will provide new excitement and challenges on every trip.
Prepare yourself to become a skilled bus driver and fill the streets with the distinctive horn sounds that have become legendary.
Bus Tuan Muda Basuri V5 is a bus simulator game that offers various exciting and realistic features. From the iconic air horn to the snaking bus challenge, every element in this game is designed to provide an exciting and unforgettable driving experience. Don't miss this fun, download and play now

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