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Canasta or Canastra has many variations, but in its essence, it's a rummy-like card game where you create melds of cards of the same rank.

Canasta Jogatina has two different card game modes, classic, and turbo. Play with 2 or 4 players and make many Canastas by melding at least seven cards of the same rank.

Check out some of the features of the Canasta Turbo Jogatina game:
- Classic or Turbo mode: Choose between ​Classic Canasta mode, with multiple hands and points adding up to 5000, or the Turbo mode, a quicker variation enabling you to play shorter matches!
- Partners: Choose between 2 or 4 players mode.
- 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Medium, and Hard.
- Play on your own time: The game is automatically saved each turn, so you can close it and continue playing later.
- To err is human: Undo function so you can cancel mistaken melds.
- Make the game your own: customize your decks, background images, and animation speed.
- Complete Stats: Delve into your match statistics and keep up with your results.

Canasta Jogatina is a wonderful pastime for dull moments and an excellent way to relax in the evening after an eventful day.

If you like card games like Gin Rummy, Bridge, Buraco Online, Biriba, and Hearts, you will love Canasta or Canastra.

So what are you waiting for? Download Canasta Turbo Jogatina now and relive your childhood with this classic card game. It's free!

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