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Enjoy story-driven cat adventure game and discover what cats do in the shadows! This game tells the story of brave kawaii cats defending their mystery mansion hidden in the middle of a mysterious S'cat-tish forest.

How to play the game:
☆ Choose one of the cute cats and survive 3 waves of enemies on every level in a jumping game.
☆ Simply tap on the screen and your kawaii cat runs or jumps there. Hold your finger and the cat will hold its jump too (useful when you want to wait and smash many enemies at once).
☆ Spend your jumping energy wisely otherwise your cat gets tired and falls asleep.
☆ Smash legendary enemies to power up your jumping force or to make spectacular combo attacks.
☆ Defeat epic bosses at the end of every adventure.
☆ Collect golden buttons and use them to improve your cat skills.
☆ Collect keys to unlock new doors in the mysterious mansion. You need to match the right key to the right door first!

The hardcasual cat jumping game shows you how to live the hard life of a cute cat. From a small kawaii kitten with weak paws you will grow into a mature fat cat with sturdy paws, sharp claws, bloody fangs and thundering MEOW! There are many sweet felines waiting for your attention: choose the cutest cat and boost its skills.

The game features:
☆ Story-driven adventure game that reveals and justifies all the oddities of cats' behavior.
☆ Simple, pure, arcade game with one-finger casual controls.
☆ Take the role of a cat master: train a highly specialized kawaii cat ninja. You can play different
cats with their own characteristics and skills. To be a legendary fast cat or to be an adorably
fluffy kitten - that is the question!
☆ Multiple terrific rooms of the mystery mansion are waiting to be explored behind their closed
doors. Be an inventive detective and use your skill of deduction to find and match the keys first.
☆ Hordes of enemies so pleasant to kill, tons of traps so funny to cheat.
☆ The craziest bosses cat's mind can ever imagine! No vacuum cleaner though, because we're trying to avoid triviality. :)
☆ Unique grotesque-cartoonish-like visual style. Maybe the entire game was drawn by a skillful kitty?
☆ All our voice actors are 100% cats!
☆ Instagram cats available! Some of the kitty cats in the game are real Instagram cats (such as @feature_the_cat)!
☆ And guess what? Yes, kitties, the game has an epic final cartoon!

Do You really think cats just adorably sleep all day and wander clumsily at night? Well ... no. :) This adventure arcade game shows you the reason for their daytime rest - that's because in the night cats honorably fight Evil, defending their parents!
Do you wonder what lurks in the ancient castle in the middle of a mysterious forest? So discover all the unpredictable rooms and check every corner of the magic mansion. Get this kitty cat jumping game now for free and enjoy the simple but challenging story-driven gameplay and funny cartoonish visual style. Smash, crash, jump and purr to survive in this addictive hardcasual cat game.

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