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Club57 TV's main aim is to promote world audiences to international movies, TV serials and Live TV which are underappreciated for their artwork and dedication to producing content which should be applauded. There are NO FREE CONTENTS. You need to purchase a subscription to watch the content.

Please read our TOS and Privacy Policy at https://apps.id57.club/privacy-policy-club57-tv/

The app functions:
⭐ Cast Contents To Your Big Screen/ Televisions
⭐ Download Contents To Watch Offline
⭐ Subtitles Supported*
⭐ Multi Audio And Video Resolutions*
⭐ Add to Favourite
⭐ Video Request
⭐ Video Report
* Depends On availability

Sit back, heat up your popcorn with a coke, turn on your app, select the movie and watch or better still cast to your BIG screen - Television or Projector. Enjoy the excitement with friends, family and loved ones or by yourself alone.

Additional Fun in Club57 TV
Comments on Movies or Serials and Interact with other members
Request your favourite movies or Serials
Weekly new movies added
Add your movies to your Favourite location
Surprise Movie daily on notification

Our Rating guidance is based on if it is suitable to sit with family and watch:

YG - General (No issue to watch with family)

Prime - Contains Materials not suitable for age 14 and below (Just be cautious)

PrimeX - Contains suggestive content (Better to avoid watching with family)

C57X, ☆Prime, ☆Premium - Though it does not necessarily have any explicit materials the story, screenplay, and theme might not be suitable to watch with family. (Avoid watching with family)

Except YG all other ratings are paid contents

Give it a go, Give it a try. If any content is not playable, give it another try a few hours later or mail us at [email protected] regarding the invalid contents

Disclaimer :
All these channels are NOT stored in our server, DOWNLOADED OR RECORDED OR REPRODUCED. All channels are directly from the channel website. We have collected and hyperlinked them and given credit to the channels. All these channels are free channels run by advertisements.

If any channels decide not to release these for free and restrict the broadcast, the header file will be triggered and the channel will no longer be available.

All these channels are collected from their stream test link and we did not infringe any copyright of the channels

All Movies are from YouTube and Vimeo links except Premium, Pex and Prime one's Examples like karaoke, music channels and privately owned or purchased content with copyright licenses for distribution.

Free movies are not stored on our server. Publishers who want to remove their movies from our free category, please contact YouTube, or Vimeo or make changes to your YouTube restrictions. Copyright of YouTube movies is held by the uploaders and not us. So we are not in any way responsible for YouTube's current policies or upcoming policies. Uploaders should contact YouTube for any additional help. Providers of free content range from YouTube, Vimeo etc.

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