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●What is "Magic Fusion Kitchen"
This is a "puzzle elimination & tower defense game".
Connect food and monsters to drive away the kingdom soldiers who are targeting the devil.

\You can play for free until the end! //
(Please support me more!)

●How to play●

【1: The birth of the monster】
By swiping the same food items together, monsters will be born.
Quickly connect foods together to create monsters.

[2: Monster appears]
The newly born monster is still in the devil's cauldron.
Drag the monsters outside the pot, release your finger, and the monsters will start to attack the enemy automatically.

【3:Monster Evolution】
By connecting the same monsters together, or connecting potions and monsters together, the monsters can evolve up to 2 times.
The evolved monster will become stronger. Please consider the amount of food to evolve it.
※You must obtain the recipe to connect the same monster.

[4: Clearance & Game Over]
Defeat the enemy marked by the crown that appears on the right side of the screen to clear the level.
If the Demon King's cauldron is destroyed by the Kingdom Soldiers, the game will end.

[5: Strengthen monsters and demon kings]
Defeat the Kingdom Soldiers to gain experience points and perform various enhancements.

●Story summary●
Once upon a time, the Demon King who led the monsters to conquer the world was defeated, and the Kingdom of Korta ushered in peace.

After that, 100 years passed——

People thought that the devil and monsters no longer existed;
However, in a small maze on the Corta Islands, the surviving son of the Demon King and the butler lived a simple life.

Demon King: (smile)
Butler: (eat)
Butler: "It's delicious...but how should I explain it to the previous demon king..."

However, the son of the devil is weak and introverted, hiding in the maze and unwilling to go out.
He has no interest in avenging his father, the previous demon king, or conquering the world.
He loves cooking and is content just being able to cook for his housekeeper.
However, one day...

Demon King "!?"
Butler "This is...!"

He used the cauldron left by the previous demon king to cook, but a monster appeared.
As if summoned by a monster, the soldiers of the Kingdom also came to the maze...

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