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Android 4.1+
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Game Speed ​​Hack / Anuncios gratis


★Deadfist character skin limited edition★
★New server 1000-year free draw limited open★
★Exclusive coupon VIP4399, 100 million limited diamonds available for free!★

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There is no comfort in this world!
The fatal charm of vertical
Vertical one-handed action fantasy RPG miracle sword

1. There is no RPG more convenient than this!
- One-handed one-touch storm growth
Master your time with constant offline growth!

2. A bloody war to recapture the alliance territory!
- A dizzying battle between large-scale alliances for each lord position begins!

3. Various flavor growth system
- With a variety of personalities, there is no time to get bored.
Various training methods such as Holy Spirit / Recruit / Magic Circle / Divine Beast, etc.
Feel the joy of infinite growth!

4. The meeting between you and me is not a coincidence!
- A beautiful relationship formed with one hand,
Another precious relationship awaits you.

5. Collect, decorate and grow!
- Amidst waves of colorful and unique costumes
Find your own individuality and open it up without hesitation!

6. Server-integrated content that competes with various servers!
- Enjoy integrated battles between servers that open when certain conditions are met!

★ Minimum OS version
- Android: OS 8.1 or higher
- RAM 2G or more
- 1G or more storage space

★ IMEI information collection
- Terminal information (device status and ID) is used to create and verify an account.
- Can be used for various marketing, promotions, and advertisements.
- This information is used only for smooth game use and is retained until the service ends.

★The following permissions are required for smooth game play.

You can use the game even if you do not agree to optional permissions, and you can reset or revoke access permissions after agreeing to them.

★ Required permissions
- Storage space (photos, media, file access): Used when installing games and saving or loading data.
- Telephone (making and managing calls): Used for membership registration using the user's device information.

★ Optional permissions
- Notification: Used to receive informational notifications and advertising push notifications sent from the game app.
- Microphone: Used to record microphone sound when saving video.
- SMS, address book: Used to verify account and provide the latest game information and services.
- Location information: Used to set up push notifications.

★ How to set and withdraw access rights
- Operating system 6.0 or higher:
How to withdraw by access permission: Terminal settings > Select personal information > Select permission manager > Select the relevant access permission > Select the app > Select agree or withdraw access permission
How to withdraw by app: Terminal Settings > Apps > Select the app > Select permissions > Select to agree or withdraw access permissions
- Operating system below 6.0: Access rights cannot be revoked, so you need to delete the app or update the OS.

Developer contact information:
Phone: 1544-4399
Email: [email protected]
※For game-related inquiries, please contact the in-game customer center.

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