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Game Synopsis:
Welcome to our top recipe cookbook challenges. Cookbooks are books that give instructions on cooking like how to cook individual dishes. Here you learn the importance of eating healthy homemade food…You can plan a dish for every meal with our recipes and be a cooking pro. Be the Chef, Start experimenting in the kitchen and fell in love with the result. Cooking is an art and a skill, not everyone can be a master in this…when we cook for our family, it's a mixture of many cooking ingredients along with Love and cares….We must do everything wholeheartedly then its result will be stunning.
You select the dish from our recipe book and see the ingredients needed. If there is no stock, it will ask you to buy, and you can buy using the coins. After buying all the items you can start cooking by following the steps. Finally, when the recipe is ready, you can decorate and serve the dish. When you finish each recipe you will get rewards to claim. This reward will increase your coins.
Skills we learn,
Culinary skills
Enhancing Kitchen maintenance skills
Stock purchasing and money-managing skills.
We live to eat… We earn to eat… Always eat healthily and Stay healthy.

Distinct Features of this game:
In this game, there are 13 recipes like Chocolate biscuits, Banana fritters, Tandoori chicken, and Green salad, Prawn fry, Burger, Glazed carrots, Omelet, Potato ball, Salmon Teriyaki, Beef and mushroom Pie and also Cake.
Every recipe helps you bring out your inner chef.

Take a bowl and mix all the dry ingredients like sugar, flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder. In another bowl mix all the wet ingredients like chocolate, butter, eggs and vanilla essence with ladle. Small piece with icing sugar over it and keep it in the oven again. Finally, the biscuits are ready to serve and decorate them with gems before serving.
First Peel the banana and cut it into two pieces. Stir the components like flour, sugar, rice flour, salt, food colour and water into a dough. Heat oil in a fry pan and dip the banana in the batter and deep fry it in the oil. This delicious banana fritter is perfect for evening tea time.
First of all in this preparation of green salad we need to cut the onions and tomatoes. Then place the leaves, onions, and tomatoes in a punch bowl by seasoning with salt and oil. Now, greenish and healthy salad is ready, you can take it to boost your energy if you have a low appetite.
Let's learn a quick and easy recipe now which is known as Omelet. Here is our recipe -Combine grated cheese, eggs, salt, mushroom, onion, and cilantro in a bowl. Heat the tawa with some oil and pour the egg batter. Fill your tummy with this delicious Omelet.
First cut, devein and remove the prawn shell. In a bowl add ginger garlic paste, chaat & garam masala, roasted cumin seed, chilli& turmeric powder, corn & gram flour, lemon juice, salt, pepper and water and make it into a paste and then add Prawn in it and mix them nicely and fry. The yummy prawns are ready to eat.
Chicken is one of the main Non-veg items which is loved by everyone without any restriction. The recipe is as follows. In a bowl take some chilli powder, a few garam masala powders, salt, and a spoon of ginger and garlic paste and blend it with water to make a paste. Make sure the paste is applied to all sides of the chicken. Now place the coated chicken in the oven to cook for some time. Our tandoori chicken is ready to be eaten.


Widen your palette and explore more healthy and tasty dishes to satisfy your taste buds.
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