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Corruption of Champions II is an adventure game for adults in which you will find yourself immersed in a world inhabited by perverted supernatural creatures

Conversational adventure for adults

The conversational adventure games that were all the rage in the 80s are back with a bang on mobile platforms like Android and iPhone, and we have one of them here in Corruption of Champions II.

An adult adventure full of possibilities

CoC2 transports us to a fantasy world, where we will be able to take on and run with any identity we want. This world is inhabited by all kinds of demonic and monstrous creatures and is the backdrop to a plot where perversion and eroticism are the order of the day. In addition, it incorporates elements from the classic RPGs that will allow us to get our hands on new abilities and powers as we progress in the story.

To get started, we will configure the character we are going to control by choosing from the different creatures featured in the story, with a range of abilities and physical traits to choose from. Next, the story will begin and will unfold in whatever way we want by choosing different responses and scenarios.

The interface is basic, with no animations, because it is the static images and, above all, the dense blocks of text that will give us the information we need in order to determine how the story plays out.

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