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Ingresa al juego para obtener una gran cantidad de moneda (puedes verla después de pasar el juego)


This is a dangerous town occupied by zombies, and your daughter and this town are waiting for you to save, pick up your weapons, and bravely face the cruel and ugly zombies!

Clearance Cheats:
▸ Collect and level up
On the way of the adventure, you will encounter all kinds of zombies, defeat them, get gold coins and DNA, upgrade your weapons and own equipment, which can make you stronger and stronger!

▸ Explore unknown areas
The whole town is full of zombies, but at the same time there are secrets to save the town, find them, and find the army in time to give you and your daughter shelter!

▸ Find teammates
The army will come to help from time to time in the town, please accept the help provided by them, machine guns, tanks and other equipment are waiting for you to discover

▸ Combat Supply
While resisting zombies, don't forget to collect combat supplies, it will help you resist the invasion of zombies in various ways!

Game Highlights:
★ Rich areas to explore, remember to visit every area of ​​the town, don't miss any clues that might help you!

★ A dazzling variety of weapons, MP5, AK47, M60, 98k, any gun you can think of can be used in the game!

★Various game modes, while the game provides massive mainline levels, various novel gameplays such as sniper mode and gold coin mode are waiting for you to unlock!

★Exquisite shooting feel, different weapons have different shooting feel, giving you a fresh experience all the time, in the main level, you can even use military equipment such as tanks, planes and machine guns to shoot zombies!

★Fine and ultra-clear scene and weapon modeling, giving you an immersive shooting experience!

Please stay vigilant and protect you and your daughter, we all look forward to your successful liberation of the town!

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