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Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, officially licensed by Japan's Koei Tecmo and published by CMGE, is the authentic Dynasty Warriors mobile game. Transform into a powerful Three Kingdoms warrior and battle through the chaotic era. The game exclusively reproduces the console's CD-free, double-key moves and powerful Musou dances, providing an immersive battlefield experience.

Dynasty Warriors: Overlords, licensed by Koei Tecmo, revives the passionate classics. Original hero artwork and iconic actions are provided by Koei Tecmo, creating the ultimate Three Kingdoms superheroes.

Multiple Action Systems
Experience "unrivaled" battles with real-time switching, double-key combos, and free-flowing moves. Enjoy exhilarating army-sweeping action with hundreds of on-screen characters.

Peerless Heroes
With Koei Tecmo’s original artwork, the game emphasizes the unique character of each warrior, while recreating the appearances of popular heroes like Lu Bu, Zhao Yun, Cao Cao, and Diao Chan, who will join you in the Three Kingdoms battles.

Enriched Contents
Dive into diverse combat modes, including over a hundred epic battles and various gameplay modes like fighting alongside heroes, dueling, royal performances, martial feasts, and city conquests.

Together We Conquer
In addition to classic features, Dynasty Warriors: Overlords introduces innovative gameplay elements. Max out hero bonds to unleash combined skills; customize map editing for enhanced combat control; incorporate new PVP battles with multiplayer team action; and build your personal main city to command the heroes.

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