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You will find great battles with wild monsters and beasts in this crafting and building game in an infinite voxel world. This battle will occur when you encounter a rock monster, rock monsters usually appear underground in dark caves, these mobs look like zombies with a tendency to attack players in the area. If you win against a stone monster then you will get a torch, iron or coal.
While spider monsters usually appear in dark holes in desert rocks, the spiders wait for prey to pass by and attack. They are mostly docile during the day unless attacked. If you succeed in defeating the spider monster, you will get a rope. and many more monsters and ghosts that will appear suddenly to attack you in certain biomes. So defend your life by using arrows and swords, or the pickaxe that you have.

In EersKraft Turbo Wild Craft game you can also build train tracks that cross valleys, rivers or underground, using a minecart after you build the train track. When building a train track, there are many configurations that you can get automatically, such as paths at T-junctions or crossroads. The speed of your train or roller coaster reaches 8 m/s.

Animals also roam the world that you create, such as birds, dogs and cats, dogs will look for chicken, meat and if the dog meets a monster then the dog will attack the monster. Also watch frogs attack bees if they get close to each other. Enjoy playing with wild animals and monsters in this crafting and building game. So download and play EersKraft Turbo Wild Craft.

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