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Ekpere-Na-Abụ is an Igbo hymnal with offline tunes which includes Anglican book of Common Prayers. The Abụ(hymnal) part of this book has the best and fastest search query with which you can search either by hymn title or hymn number. It also has the best first key hymnal tunes. This book is complete for use in Anglican Communion services and prayers. The text used here is the current translation, called Igbo Union, of the 1662 BCP. It was first published around 1945, but with several earlier components. Igbo language includes a number of diacritical marks, including notably vowel macrons and an 'o' with a dot underneath etc. Since Igbo language is yet to have complete Unicode we rendered the available texts.
So, join the praise and worship in igbo dialect with joy. God bless you.

Features of this App (Ekpere-Na-Abụ offline) are:-
✔ Abụ (hymnal with Tunes) for offline use in services and prayers
✔ Clear and friendly learning interface. Very easy to use.
✔ Ability to Search Igbo hymns with Tunes by hymn number and title.
✔ Has support to copy any Igbo hymn of your choice, paste or share anywhere.
✔ Supports wide range of screen sizes.
✔ The Igbo Christian hymn app is free.

The Abu (hymnal with tunes) has the following BCP packages
✔ The KỌLEKT (Collect for prayers)
✔ The Igbo liturgy (Usoro nke oriri Nsọ Yukarist)
✔ Ekpere Anyasi
✔ Ekpere Ụtụtụ
✔ The Litany etc.

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