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Exagear Gold Apk enables the use of Windows software on ARM-based Chromebooks and Android devices. On your phone, tablet, or Chromebook, you may utilise your regular computer software and play your favourite retro games with ease. With our technology, all of your desktop applications can run natively on an Android device.
Exagear Gold is an Android game emulator that enables you to play a variety of Windows-based strategy games. At the moment, these include Heroes of Might and Magic III, Disciples II, and Civilization III.
You must first have a valid copy of the game that you wish to download to your computer in order to utilise the App. After that, all you have to do to start the app on your Android device is transfer the folder where the game is installed.
After doing this, pick an operating system. You can check out your games for free, but there are some additional fees. Simply select the appropriate choice, then take pleasure in your favourite old-school computer strategy game.
It is a potent emulator that accurately reproduces some of the greatest games ever made (including music, sound, graphics, and video). Additionally, the list of modifications keeps expanding.
enjoy Exagear gold

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