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FIRE means "Financial Independence, Retire Early", which means "Financial Independence, Retire Early". This kind of free life without being enslaved by time sounds very tempting, but it is not easy to practice. This requires sufficient material foundation, proper financial planning, strict and self-disciplined execution, a stable mentality, and sometimes some luck.

*Retire early, can I?
Are you tired of step-by-step work, tired of co-workers who get caught up in the work, and want to retire early but are hesitant? The Early Retirement Simulator will provide you with the opportunity to have a virtual experience, where you can examine whether your financial situation is healthy and experience the troubles that FIRE life may bring to you.
In a few minutes of simulated experience, you will experience the ups and downs of early retirement for decades, travel through economic cycles, and even face the threat of war and epidemics. Have you considered these factors before deciding to retire?

*Follow your heart and make your choice!
During your FIRE Simulator experience, you will make choices in certain situations.
Where would you like to settle? Which financial strategy would you like to choose? Do you want to choose a lively or quiet lifestyle?
In real life, every choice you make comes with a price. But in FIRE simulator, you can try boldly and experience a perfect life! Triggering specific plots may also lead to corresponding achievements!
Please note that not every option may work as intended. Some choices require you to follow the rules of DND (Dungeons and Dragons), roll 20-sided dice, and get the result! Only choices that pass judgment can be successful. Happy to leave your fate to the vagaries of the dice!

*100 possibilities to restart your life
Even if you have no FIRE plans for the time being, you can still experience the rich plot and infinite possibilities of simulating life through the lying-down simulator.
Skiing, cooking, painting, gardening, swimming... Have you set a lot of flags but don't have the time or opportunity to try them because of your hard working life? People have joys and sorrows, and the moon waxes and wanes. Have you ever imagined the unexpected day?

*Wonderful achievements, enriching life
In the process of simulating early retirement, you can make diverse choices. Through different choices, you can unlock nearly a hundred wonderful achievements! If you want to experience a different kind of life, you must make as many choices as possible, experience extraordinary plots, and at the same time satisfy your desire to collect!

There are many endings in the lying down simulator, which allows you to simulate life in the virtual world, lie down and relax, and restart your life multiple times, just like a rebirth simulator, making completely different choices. But there is only one real life. I hope you can live this life bravely after the virtual experience.

"Early Retirement Simulator-FIRE Simulator" is an original app carefully created by three independent developers. In this fascinating text adventure, you will face a variety of life choices, experience various ups and downs of fate, and bring about deeper thinking and understanding of life. Enter this unique simulation world and explore your dreams and possibilities!

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