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Gites Yazlm
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Advertising free rewards


Do you like casual games? Meet Hyper Jump! Jump to the next circle and score!

If you are looking for a game where you can have a good time, you will love this endless score-based game that offers uninterrupted fun. Made for arcade and casual game genre.

You can play a simple, hyper casual and offline game anywhere.

You can compete with your friends and try to beat their scores on the leaderboard. So, will you be able to rank in the rankings?

You can unlock new characters by collecting in-game gold (stars). Customize your game with different themes and never spoil your fun.

With the day/night mode, you can play whenever you want without straining your eyes.

You can collect more rewards by doing daily quests. You will need this for new characters and themes. Also, when you complete the daily missions, you will have collected the keys for the reward chest. Don't forget to open the prize chest, there are prizes that will make you happy!

And don't forget the daily login reward! Click on the gift button and explode the planet and collect the gold inside.

There's even a button that gives you 2x gold for a short time to double your gold!

There is a level system in the game. As you level up, your chances of finding gold in the game increase. And since you adapt to the game as you level up, your character's rotation speed is slightly accelerated so that you don't get bored. It's a sweet acceleration, don't worry.

The game has multi-language support. For now, only English and Turkish.. More languages ​​may come in new updates.

You can turn on vibration in settings to increase the shooting feel. A slight vibration can make the game feeling much nicer.

There is an option to turn the game sounds on and off as well. Of course, sometimes one may want silence.

Track your progress, share and compete with your friends with the Google Play leaderboard. Who will make the highest score?

There are less ads for you to enjoy the game. Developers need ads to survive :( but if you don't want to see ads (rewarded ads are optional). You can get an ad-free gaming experience with the "remove ads" option. You also support the developer to make better games.

You also have the option of in-game purchases if you want to unlock (faster) new characters and themes. The choice is yours, enjoyable games..

There are different types of shots in the game. Some of those:
• Normal shot: You get this score when you jump to the next circle.
• Great shot: You get this score if you jump "perfectly" to the next circle.
• Combo Shot: You get this score if you "Great Shot" several circles in a row.
• Double Shot: You will get this point if you jump to the circle above it and not to the next circle.
• Missing Shot: If you pass too close to any obstacle, you will get this score "within a narrow distance".

Wait for updates for new shooting types. Much more is in the coding phase.. :)

If you like the game, please support the developer and rate/comment. Don't forget to share with your friends too. This way we can continue to improve the game.

For your notifications that affect or contribute to the development of the game, such as requests, complaints, bug reports, you can reach us from the e-mail address. Enjoyable games..

About the developer: I have been severely visually impaired for 4 years (I see very little). And I've been interested in software from a young age. Because of this, I had some difficulties. All images are sourced from royalty-free sources. I thank them. You can find citations in the Credits section.

In particular, I request you to notify the problems related to the design first. Because I had difficulties with this. I wish you pleasant games.

Please let me know if there is a problem. I am ready to make up for my inexperience.

This game has been published by Gites Software.

• Design by Freepik,

(Thanks google translate :)

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