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Explore the skies like never before with Go Fly - the ultimate flight companion for your drone. Unlock the full potential of your aerial adventures with our top-rated app.

Go Fly stands as the premier choice for drone enthusiasts, providing unparalleled support for a range of drone models. Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures that we're always by your side, ready to elevate your flying experience.

Key Features:
+ Waypoint Missions: Seamlessly plan your flight path with our intuitive waypoint mission tool, designed for both novice pilots and seasoned pros alike.
+ Panorama Capture: Effortlessly capture stunning 360-degree panoramas, both horizontally and vertically.
+ Focus Mode: Take precise control of your drone's yaw axis and gimbal, allowing you to focus solely on capturing the perfect shot.

And much more, including:
+ Smart Flight Modes
+ Intuitive User Interface and Expansive Camera View
+ Effortless Image and Video Export to iPhone
+ On-Screen Exposure Graph
+ Gimbal Direction Adjustment
+ Comprehensive Flight Tutorials for Beginners

For *Mavic users, there are some features our app hasn't supported yet: Low Battery Warning, Critical Low Battery Warning, Time to Discharge, Lock Gimbal When Shooting, Sync Gimbal with Aircraft Heading, Gimbal Mode. Preview media, Play media, On/Off Head LEDs & Camera Forward/Down (Mavic Air2S: double tap is C2, 1-tap is C1)

We are constantly developing and upgrading our products, so your reviews are very valuable. Hope to receive your feedback or support through: [email protected]

Terms of Use: https://smartwidgetlabs.com/terms-of-use/
Disclaimer: We are not an official app, but a support app

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