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Multiplicador de velocidad del juego / Sin anuncios


The application is a simple installer and a whole collection of Greb pack and poppy playtime mods for Minecraft PE, but often our addons also work on Windows 10 Minecraft java edition, so install and enjoy. The application will also open up dozens of new skins for you, which will allow you to become individual on MCPE online servers.
The mod, in turn, will open up new opportunities for the player of the sandbox game, including grabbing a grab pack that will help grab blocks and even mobs. A long grip will help you move between houses and you can feel like a superhero. Red Hand is the maximum upgrade for block crafting, it will deal more damage to your enemies. But not only modern gadgets are added by the multicraft mod. You and your friends can explore the Huggy Waggi mod of epic mobs in the survival game. The mobile version of Poppy 2 Playtime is suitable for Android phones and tablets, because this is perhaps one of the largest collections of creepy monsters. You, your friends and all living things in the pixel world will have to survive in the game Minecraft. Huggy-waggy and other toys will run and spawn naturally in an exciting game where you can interact with your favorite characters. Free mods that you can download in one click will fill the game with life and make it exciting and unforgettable. Horror mods are an exciting adventure where you can experiment with innovative gameplay features and move around with tamed catnaps, mommy with dogday and confront scary creatures from minecraft bedrock poppy 3 or smiling creatures.
Free utility launcher for MC PE you will find a whole map with monsters and you will be able to explore vengeful dolls and confront ghosts from an abandoned toy factory. Regular updates will make the mods support the newest versions of Minecraft. The chilling computer game that has gained popularity will find a new life in the vastness of Mycraft. If you are a fan of this game, then you will like the mkpe both with sounds and animation, which makes this addon stand out from hundreds of others on Google Play. Escape with your friends from creepy mobs. Kishi Misi, Banzo Bunny and even the mutants of Zoonomalia will delight you with their terrifying models. If you want to add a map of the Zoo, Factory, or add a little horror using shaders or other mcpack / mcaddon / mcworld, then our application will allow you to do all this in a couple of clicks! Compatibility of addons with other maps/mods/addons will allow you to combine the most unpredictable horror add-ons.
Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with Mojang. And this is not an official Mojang mcpe app. The name, trademark and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respective owners.

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