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This app is comprised of questions and their answers about basic fields of Islam. This app is rich with Islamic knowledge and hope will be helpful for students and also for other muslim brothers and sisters. This is a reference app for common man person who wants to know the basic knowledge of different aspects of islam e.g. Quran, Surah, life of prophet Muhammad PBUH i.e aswa e hussna, Aakhirat, Namaz, Dajjal, Dua, Durood, Eid, Farishtay, Zakat, Roza, Hajj, Maut & Qiyamat etc.

In a Muslim context, Islamic studies is the umbrella term for the "Islamic sciences" (Ulum al-din), i.e. the traditional forms of religious knowledge and thought. These include kalam (Islamic theology) and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Uṣūl al-Fiqh (methodology/principles of Jurisprudence), ḥadīth / hadith / hadees / hadis / hades (traditions), ʿulūm al-ḥadīth (hadith criticism) naskh or al-nāsikh waʾl-mansūkh (abrogations), Usul al-Din (theology), Asma' al-Rijal (biographies of Hadith scholars), Sirah (Biography (of the Prophet) and Maghazi (Battles of the Prophet). (Studied in institutions in the Muslim world

A subset of the Islamic sciences are `Ulum ul-Qur'an, (the sciences of the Quran), which include "how, where and when the Quran was revealed", and its transformation from an oral tradition to the written form, etc. and Ilm ul-Tajwid / Tajweed (proper recitation), Ilm ul-Tafsir / Tafseer (exegesis of the Quran). (In this context "science" is the translation of the Arabic term for "knowledge, learning, lore," etc., rather than "science" or natural science as commonly defined in English and other languages -- i.e. the use of observation, testable explanations to build and organize knowledge and predictions about the natural world/universe -- and is not to be confused with the scientific work of Muslims such as Avicenna or Nasir al-Din al-Tusi.

The religious sciences/Islamic studies "within Islamic civilization, ... began to take their present shape and to develop within competing schools to form a literary tradition in Middle Arabic" in Iraq in the ninth century CE, according to Oxford Islamic Studies.

We have embedded features :-

- CSS Pak
- صحابة رسول الله
- صحيح السيرة النبوية
- Islamic Collection
- Islamiat: Teachings of Islam
- Islamiat Textbook
- منوعات اسلامية
- القرأن الكريم-ياسر الدوسري
- السيرة النبوية الكاملة الصحيحة
- Finger swipe option to change Pages.
- Sharing option to share your favourite Pages on all social media websites.
- 4X Zoom in option.
- Easy download option to save Pages in your gallery.
- This app you can also use offline.
- Bookmarking option to quick retrieve your favourite Pages.
Note: Please give us feedback about any issue or problem if you face.

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