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Welcome to the funniest jigsaw puzzle adventure! Jigsaw Puzzles is the biggest jigsaw puzzle collection with over 10,000 HD photos in a wide variety of categories. Become the ultimate puzzle solver and explorer today!

Jigsaw puzzles are tiling puzzles that require the assembly of oddly shaped interlocking and mosaiced pieces. Each individual piece has a portion of a picture; when assembled, the jigsaw puzzle produces a complete picture. Now Indulge yourself with some of these fun puzzles!

Jigsaw Puzzles Features
- Over 10,000 beautiful, HD photographs in different categories including puppies, kittens, art, flowers, nature, buildings and etc.
- New puzzle packs and quests are added every day, 365 days a year
- Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden in a picture in special puzzles
- A new FREE puzzle every day! A different brain game to solve each day!
- Intuitive and user friendly game tools and controls
- 6 difficulty settings: Up to 400 pieces! Try out both simple and nearly impossible puzzles!
- Rotate pieces for a greater challenge (optional)
- Scatter pieces on the puzzle area
- Saves all puzzles in progress, so you can work on several at the same time

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