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Joe & Charlie Recovery Tapes: AA Speaker Tapes, Joe & Charlie, Big Book, and Sobriety Calculator


Welcome to Recovery Companion Plus, the ultimate app designed to support individuals on their path to sobriety and recovery. Immerse yourself in a wealth of resources, including AA speaker tapes, Joe & Charlie study sessions, the complete Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, and a handy sobriety calculator. We believe in making recovery accessible to all, and your support through subscription helps us continue creating free apps for those who truly need them.

Key Features:

1. AA Speaker Tapes:
Delve into an extensive library of AA speaker tapes featuring powerful and inspiring stories of recovery. Gain strength and inspiration from the personal experiences of individuals who have triumphed over addiction. These tapes provide valuable insights and serve as a reminder that you are not alone on your journey to recovery.

2. Joe & Charlie Study Sessions:
Deepen your understanding of the AA program with the renowned Joe & Charlie study sessions. Explore the profound teachings of the Big Book as these influential speakers break down the principles and guide you through the 12 Steps. Gain valuable knowledge and spiritual insights to support your recovery process.

3. Complete Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous:
Access the full text of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous, a cornerstone of recovery literature. Immerse yourself in the original text that has helped millions find sobriety and transform their lives. Search for specific topics, bookmark meaningful passages, and gain wisdom and guidance from this iconic resource.

4. Sobriety Calculator:
Track your progress and celebrate your milestones with the convenient sobriety calculator. Enter your sobriety date, and the app will calculate and display your continuous time of sobriety in days, months, and years. Witness the growth of your progress as you stay committed to your recovery journey.

5. Ad-Supported Free Version:
Enjoy the app for free with the ad-supported version. We have designed this version to make recovery resources accessible to all individuals. Your support through subscribing to the premium version helps us continue offering free apps to those who genuinely need them.

6. Subscription Benefits:
By subscribing to Recovery Companion Plus, you not only unlock an ad-free experience but also contribute to creating more free apps for individuals seeking recovery support. Your subscription helps us expand our reach and provide even more valuable resources to those in need.

Embark on your journey of recovery with the comprehensive resources of Recovery Companion Plus. Immerse yourself in powerful speaker tapes, gain wisdom from the Big Book, and deepen your understanding through Joe & Charlie's study sessions. Track your progress and celebrate your milestones with the sobriety calculator. Together, we can create a supportive community of recovery.

Download Joe & Charlie Recovery Tapes now and consider subscribing to help us continue providing free apps for those who truly need recovery support. Subscribed members also have offline access to all audio resources.

Audiotapes included are:

* Joe * Charlie AA Big Book Study With transcripts (34 tracks)
* The AA Big Book from Alcoholics Anonymous Text Book
* Chuck C - A New Pair of Glasses
* AA Speaker Tapes - Bill W
* Varieties of Religious Experience - William James (Ref AA Big Book)
* AA Speaker Mark H.
* AA Speaker Sandy B. - Saturday Morning Live
* AA Speaker - Bill W.
* AA Speaker Clarence S
* Father John Doe
* Father Martin

Also includes the following free resources:

* The Big Book 164 Pages
* AA Preamble
* How It Works
* The Traditions
* The Promises
* Just For Today
* Serenity Prayer
* A Vision For You
* On Awakening
* Upon Retiring

Note: Joe & Charlie Recovery Tapes is not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) but is designed to complement and support individuals on their recovery journey.

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