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Lingual Coach supports seven different languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Turkish, and Arabic.

Learning a language has never been this easy and fun! With our new app, you can learn to speak fluently in seven different languages by chatting with artificial intelligence.

Our app presents you with conversation scenarios that you may encounter in everyday life and helps you to give appropriate responses to these scenarios. This way, you can practice while learning a language.

In our app, you can find thousands of new words for each language and do various exercises to learn these words. The exercises can be done both in writing and speaking and they give you feedback.

Also, in our game mode, you can test your language skills and level up to earn new rewards. The game mode offers you different categories and difficulty levels to have fun while learning a language.
Our app makes learning a language both easy and fun.

Download now and enjoy learning a language!

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