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Ludo Land is a classic board game to play with friends and family! A new multiplayer online version of the epic hit dice game Ludo!
In some other places, Ludo also has variations such as parchisi, parcheesi, pachisi, or Parchis game. But this game is more than the one you played in your childhood! You can play with local people online and AI players realtime with little internet data consumption!
You can't miss this casual board game this time!

Ludo game origins from India and was played between kings and queen in the ancient times. And Ludo land is a modern and family version of this royal game of Pachisi. This game follows the traditional rules. And the key is to roll the Ludo dice and move your tokens to reach the center of the board. It all depends on the roll of the Ludo's dice and the strategy you use to move the tokens.

Maybe you are just a beginner of this game,but after learning how to move your red, yellow, green and blue pieces with strategy, you can compete against the best ludo masters around the word! Just like parchisi and parcheesi game, Ludo is not only about strategy, but both luck and skill! Master your skills, have fun your your family and become the king of Ludo!

Features of Ludo Land:
* You can play with both computers, friends, family and local people! So you will not be alone even if you can't play this dice board game with friends.
* You can send Facebook invites to your buddies and facebook friends in a private room. Beat and challenge them!
* Play with players all over the world and make them your friends.
* Chat with your friends and opponents! Send emojis to express yourself!
* Unlike traditional classic ludo board game, you can collect cards to unlock beautiful skins, themes and characters that represent your culture!
* This Loodo game also offers three game modes for you to master - Classic mode for those who like the original relaxed gameplay, and Bomb mode & Battle mode for those who prefer to challenge in limited time!
* This dice game uses very little data, so you do not need to worry about using a lot of data when playing this game.
* In this F2P friendly Ludo game, you can earn free coins everyday. Daily Bonus chests make it easy to play this game all the time because you will not run out of coins!

This game has been tested on many phone models that are common in India, so we promise:
Fluent and steady performance, little data consumption, and more fun!

Ludo Land is a friends and family board game that you may have played when you are young. Now, we have developed this classic game to a new level. But, the core of this game is the same as the old school game that was played by royal kings and queens in India before: you start on 1 and you need to be the first one to reach 100. This game has been very popular game for generations, and now you can play it too!

This game is not only popular for different generations, but people around the world with different cultural backgrounds! Ludo game also has other names in other regions like: Fia, Fia med knuff, Uckers, Ki nevet a végén, Loodo, Lodo, Lado and Ledo!

If you are looking for a game that can offer you long-time & non-stop enjoyment, please install Ludo Land. With this Lodo game, you can master your skills with your buddies, compete and win like a star!


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