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Se agregó una herramienta de aceleración del juego y se eliminaron los anuncios emergentes.


★ ★-Upgraded gameplay! Experience becoming a boss from scratch!
★ ★-Develop and upgrade! Collection of hundreds of characters, collect your exclusive card deck!
★ ★-Free upgrades! Choose your birth and experience different life growth trajectories!

☆☆Recruitment system:
Expand your power through the recruitment system. You can recruit various types of members, such as warriors, counselors, blasters, etc., each with their own specialties and skills.
Enhance your strength and status by recruiting suitable members for matching.

☆☆Territory expansion system:
Territory expansion is one of the important gameplays in the game. New territories can be acquired by looting, buying, or exchanging with other players. Each territory has different resources and characteristics.
You can increase your income and influence by expanding your territory, while also protecting your territory from attacks by other players.

☆☆Gang war system:
Gang war is a fiercely competitive activity. Create your own gang and compete fiercely with other gangs.
The gang war system not only tests your strategic strategies, but also requires you to work closely with gang members to jointly build a powerful gang.

☆☆Character promotion and training system:
Role promotion and training is an important way to improve your own strength. Improve your character's level and skills. As your character advances, you will unlock more powerful skills and equipment, improving your status in the gangster world.
You can also develop and train members to improve their abilities and make them your right-hand assistants. The character promotion and training system allows you to continue to grow and become a boss

☆☆By participating in gang battles and continuously improving your character, you can stand out in the game world and become a real boss.
But remember, success requires hard work and wisdom. At the same time, be careful of challenges from other players and experience the game life of becoming a boss from scratch!

※Official Facebook (Meta): https://www.facebook.com/dalaogame

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