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The most complete Free Real Metal Detector contains depth detection tools, direction indicator, GPS location to find metals with precision.

You will be able to detect the Depth of the metallic object, Ideal for walls or not very deep surfaces.
You can know the Direction of the metal location in real time.
You can know the GPS coordinates of your location and view them in your favorite map manager.

☻ Depth sensor with different levels.
☻ Simultaneous direction sensor of the intensity of the metallic object.
☻ Accurate GPS coordinates for viewing in map applications.
☻ Intensity regulator sensor to adapt it to the exposed magnetic field.
☻ Detection alarm, audible alarm and through vibration of exceeded limits.
☻ Vibration to know when the limits have been exceeded.
☻ Sensitivity regulator to adapt it to the most complex environments.

About metal detector 2021
It has Direction markers that will point you in the direction you must go to find metal including gold and silver with your mobile phone.
Achieve Greater Precision thanks to its Simultaneous on-screen direction indicators.

Visualize the Depth of the Metal location more easily thanks to the magnetic sensor values ​​represented in the information panel. You will be able to know its depth with greater precision thanks to its different adjustable depth levels according to various parameters such as signal intensity, size of the object, etc.

The GPS Location will help you to know the most precise coordinates to continue your projects where you left off. Easier to know the location of the metallic object.

View and Share your coordinates with map applications and in your messaging groups if you want everyone you know to be able to find metal as well.

The 2021 Metal Detector features an Intensity Sensor for increased accuracy and interference avoidance. The magnitude of the magnetic field on the Earth's surface varies from 25 to 65 µT (microteslas), being higher at the poles and lower at the magnetic equator, that is why our real metal detector allows you to regulate the detection intensity of the magnetic field and optimize it based on your location to suit the metal detecting environment.

Metal Detector App has multiple uses in plumbing, electricity and other jobs such as gold and metal digging since it allows you to find out the location of cables behind walls, know the inside of objects, check the magnetic field of the earth and other electronic devices and hundreds of different uses depending on the needs.

Vibration alarm to facilitate detection in less than optimal environments where the screen cannot be viewed. The vibration will allow you to know when the limits established with the signal intensity sensor have been exceeded.

This application to find metals requires that the device have a Magnetic Sensor (Magnetometer). Consult your manufacturer's specifications.

In the event that the device is protected with a metal cover, it may interfere with the device's magnetic sensor, perform different tests to find out what interference your device is subjected to.

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