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The launcher application especially for you will change vanilla Minecraft beyond recognition, after downloading the free mcpe addon, the blocky world will become a horror game based on puzzles, the actions take place in the open world of Minecraft, each inhabitant of which resembles a terrible monster from a horror game. The non-linear addon will appeal to all achievement hunters. The game's lore will take you to a zoo that has been captured by infected monsters, who have not only increased in size and used mutagen on themselves.
Together with your friends on online multicraft servers, you will have to find the cause of infection in the pixel universe, but this is not an easy task and that is why a lot of crafted weapons and armor will be added to your pixel world to protect against new generation monsters, collect fragments to craft keys to advance through the cave . The main task is to survive, the adventure in the horror game may scare you, but once you find the source of the anomalies and destroy it, your world will become kawaii again.
By downloading the addon to your Android device, you will have to hide and avoid mutating creatures with a terrible grin. Download the minecraft app in one click. The built-in block launcher will allow you to install not only mcworld | mcaddon | mcpack | addons | shaders | resources | behavior but also maps for multicraft. zoonomaly addon minecraft pe contains not only an addon with a great variety of fictional creatures from steam but also popular skins. The role-playing game will become much more realistic and exciting.
The addon is a real horror horror game with many puzzles; the game's biomes will be filled with many interesting mutating animals. Addon parody of zoohios. Explore a new blocky world of crafting weapons, armor and other survival items. So what are you waiting for, call your friends and download mcpe horror maps in one click.
DISCLAIMER: Not an official Minecraft Pocket Edition product. This app is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. Names, trademarks and assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respective owners.

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