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Welcome to MODS

In MODS, you can customize your characters before the game and play with them in various scenes. Define your characters' dress-up, hairstyle, and magical makeup according to your preferences. Show your unique charm and write your own story!

No rules and no scores in the game!

Why not try out all your new interests and ideas in MODS? Change your outfits or dye your hair any color you like. Create friends and explore unknown places together, looking for hidden treasures. With tens of billions of customization options, you can combine them as you wish.

Adventure & Discovery
We've designed 6 main scenes and 36 initial roles. Get your hair done in a barbershop or enjoy a spa in a salon equipped with advanced technologies. If you feel tired, drive your lovely car to a beach to relax or satisfy your hunger.

Six scenes: Beach Food Street, Clothing Store, Apartment, Hair Salon, SPA Salon, and Car Yard.

Beach Food Street: Play beach volleyball or explore for mysterious treasures on the island with your friends. Be careful not to lose yourself in delicacies or eat too much, or your stomach will complain.

Clothing Store: Buy and try on whatever you like.

Apartment: Go home anytime, invite your grandparents for dinner, or have a party.

Hair Salon: Take your friends to get a desired hairstyle, with a customized color scheme to make you more attractive.

SPA Salon: Go with your friends for a facial spa and have a good rest. More customized make-ups are available here.

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