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Welcome, prison manager! You are the guardian and master of your prison. Use your power to manage prisoners and prevent any prisoner break. Your smart jail demands vigilance to control chaos and maintain order. Rise as the boss and rule your jail empire with strategic control. In the heart of the criminal world, it's time to bring order and expand your prison using your skills. Open new cells, place inmates, upgrade facilities, and earn money by managing these processes systematically. Additionally, don't forget to monitor specific times of the day to meet the bathroom and meal needs of the prisoners!

Develop Your Prison:
Build new cell blocks, strengthen facilities, and expand your prison. Constantly improve facilities to accept more inmates and enhance your order.

Inmate Management:
Place new inmates, meet their daily needs, and become the best prison manager in the criminal world! Be careful because you must monitor the inmates' stress levels and be ready to prevent potential fights.

Earn Money and Rise:
Successfully manage your prison to earn money regularly and further improve your facilities. Increase security, expand capacity by adding new cells, and make a name for yourself in the criminal world.

Attention and Strategy:
Consider the stress levels of inmates and manage them carefully. Intervene immediately when fights break out, separate them, and restore order. Remember, don't let the criminals lose control!

Build and Manage Your Prison Empire!

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