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Comprar productos en la tienda puede aumentar el dinero y la energía.


Step into the role of a supermarket manager with My Supermarket - Store Sim 3d, where your goal is to turn your small grocery store into the best hypermarket in town.

Build Your Own Business
Start your journey in My Supermarket - Store Sim 3d as a manager of a modest grocery store. Use your business acumen to generate profits and grow your store into a well-known retail chain in the city!

Operate and Manage Your Store
As the manager, you'll take on multiple roles including manager, salesperson, and cashier. Strive to become the wealthiest shop in the area and expand your business empire.

Welcome and Serve Customers
Quickly and politely meet the needs of your customers to earn their loyalty. Listen to their feedback and ensure their satisfaction as part of your business strategy.

Stock Your Shelves
Always keep your shelves stocked with the latest products. When items sell out, restock quickly to keep your sales up.

Handle Cash Transactions
Test your math skills by accurately giving change to customers. Manage your cash flow efficiently and ensure customers are not kept waiting.

Order New Inventory
Procure a variety of goods such as fresh produce, dairy, snacks, meats, and more from the shopping center to retail in your store. Select and list items that appeal to your customers.

Design Your Supermarket
As the manager and owner, you have the freedom to design your store layout. Rearrange shelves, choose decorations, and create a visually appealing showroom that reflects your personal style.

Set Product Prices
Adjust the prices of your products to maintain a healthy cash flow. Balance between pricing too high, which may deter customers, and too low, which can result in losses. Utilize market research insights to help you find the optimal pricing.

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