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Are you ready to spin the wheel? Play now this challenge with your friends !

⭐ Undefined number of wheels, create as many wheels as you want

Create as many wheels as you want without limit, you will be able to create thousands of wheels for topics like slime or Battle Royale location drop-off. Most important is that we are offering this for free, our game is totally free.

Wheel Randomizer

Thanks to our ultimate algorithm we will guarantee that results will be totally random, every time you spin the wheel you will get a different result,so if you choose slime and you get glue glitter then next time you spin the wheel, you will get a different result.

Pre-defined wheels

This feature is for these who don't want to create own wheels, we are offering several pre-defined wheels based on most recent challenges. Use the latest slime wheel, fornite dances, Battle Royale drop-off locations etc..

The Wheel

Quality over quantity, this is our moto, so wheel has been created so you can get the best user experience ever ! Also our design has been made with colourful and intuitive interfaces.

You Laugh You Lose mode

To selected this mode just go to All Wheels and tick on funny games pre-defined wheel, we have made a great selection of topics for you. What are you waiting to play games like do you dare or not ? This game is perfect to recreate these games

The Challenge

Are you a youtuber and want to create a video playing this game? Its ok! Do it ! We have created this game specially to show-off and to be used in your quality youtube channel. Create now your own mystery wheel of slime challenge. We do support youtubers life, sis vs bro made a lot of videos playing the mystery wheel of slime.

Battle royale drop off

Another of our great feature is that you can use our wheel to decide where you will drop off in fortnight or maybe you want to decide which weapon or which skin you will use? Maybe to choose best emotes ? You can use it also for the vbucks challenge !

Just For Fun

We do guarantee that you will have a good time spinning this wheel with your friends. This is one those laughing games that you want forever in your self-phone and remember that if you laugh you lose so try not to laugh !

In this roulette game you can create your own customized mystery wheel and play the latest challenge with your friends. Are you prepared to have a lot of fun playing with the mystery wheel of slime or the mystery wheel of fornite dances among others?

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