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4.4 and up
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Funciones PRO/pagadas desbloqueadas
Se eliminaron los atributos .source de los archivos java correspondientes
Se eliminó todo el código de depuración
Se cambió la firma del paquete original
Idiomas: varios idiomas completos
Arquitecturas de CPU: Universal
DPI de pantalla: 120 ppp, 160 ppp, 240 ppp, 320 ppp, 480 ppp, 640 ppp


One Lab integrates ideas and effects from previous Ilixa apps into a completely new platform with more power and more extensive options than before.

New features compared to previous Lab apps include:
- visible effect tree (bottom left) with option to select a previously edited effect. This allows to re-edit the effect, replace it with another effect or add an effect above it.
- fine parameter value setting through zoomable number selectors and long press for keyboard input
- some effects have variants (different sets of default parameters). The goal is is to be able to showcase both an effect's "basic" settings as well as more aesthetically pleasing or non trivial settings
- 2 finger touch rotation rather than an angle parameter - though angle parameter remains accessible by expanding transform parameters, along with translation and scaling
- touch transforms for an effect are accessible through a menu in the top right (subject to change)
- most number and color parameters are mappable. This replaces and improves on the Area of Effect in Intensity mode from the old apps.
- arbitrarily complex effect trees can be saved as custom effects (star icon), with the possibility of choosing which parameters are fixed and which remain variable
- includes many effects from previous apps as well as many new ones
- ability to select how an effect should handle out of bound pixels from its source image(s), including a procedural mode which allows virtually infinite bounds as well as high precision when magnifying
- modifiers can be applied to effects. In practice this is just a shortcut to quicky add an effect. This is how Area of Effect is now handled, via the Mask modifier.
- access to save resolutions above 14mp

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