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Fun Party Game is a fun team game in which the goal is to guess a higher number of cards your opponents. To do this, you have to hum, make almost perfect descriptions or even miming. It is a dynamic concept of game in which you only need a smartphone, but in which all You enjoy both!


Party Fun Game has an extremely simple mechanics (as if it were a contest), and has a large number of decks of cards, so it's a perfect game to enjoy all kinds of players, regardless of age. In addition, there is no limit of players: you are 12 at a party? Perfect! You can create two teams of 6 players each and the game will continue to be just as fun and dynamic.


Enchant like or do not have much knowledge in general culture! If you like the series, movies, video games and music are at the ideal application for a laugh and enjoy a family reunion or friends! And if you've always wanted to go to a game show or you're a fan of games of questions, Fun Party Game is for you.

THREE ROUNDS for glory

The game consists of three rounds, and in each the rules are different, but the goal is always the same: guess as many cards as possible. To do this, the player whose turn it is will have to perform descriptions, mimicry or even humming for your team guesses as possible. winner is the team that at the end of three rounds, guess get more cards.

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