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Have you ever dreamt of building your PC? PC Creator: 3D Simulation Game turns that dream into a reality! Dive into the world of PC building with this immersive simulator game. PC creator: PC Simulator 3D is the ultimate 3D simulation game where you can become a PC builder and experience the thrill of assembling and repairing computers in a virtual world. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of PC building and repair with stunning 3D graphics and satisfying music in this immersive simulator game.

PC Creator: 3D Simulation Game goes beyond just PC building simulators. This isn't just about PC part picker functions or a basic computer simulator. You run your repair shop here, becoming a PC builder simulator extraordinaire! Unleash your inner computer genius with this immersive PC building simulator. From circuit games to repair simulations, become the master of all things tech.
Embark on an exciting journey in PC Creator, the 3D simulation game that lets you unleash your inner PC building enthusiast. Dive into the world of PC building with this 3D simulation game. Build your dream custom desktop and become a PC creator!
Experience the thrill of assembling a PC from scratch in this realistic simulator game. Choose your parts wisely and build the ultimate gaming rig.

In this PC tycoon game, you'll have the opportunity to learn how to build your PC, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their computer assembly skills. The game boasts a stunning 3D mode, allowing you to enjoy a lifelike experience as you assemble and repair PCs. The addition of ASMR and simulating music further enhances the overall gaming experience.

Game Features:
- Realistic PC Building simulation with 3d assembling and repairing computers.
- Engaging mini games sim to add an element of fun to your PC building and PC repair journey.
- Accept new orders while assembling a custom desktop.
- Repair and upgrade malfunctioning computers.
- Install operating systems, drivers, and software.
- Play engaging mini-games to test your skills.
- Unlock advanced PC parts to create high-end machines.
- Customize your builds with unique themes and wallpapers.
- Learn valuable computer assembly and repair skills.
- Enjoy stunning 3D graphics and relaxing ASMR sounds.

How to Play:
- Login and accept orders from customers.
- Drag and drop PC parts onto the designated areas.
- Install the operating system and other necessary software.
- Test the repaired computer and deliver it to the customer.
- Earn money and use it to upgrade your tools and inventory.
- Open emails to receive new orders and exciting challenges.

PC Creator: 3D Simulation Game offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, making it the perfect choice for aspiring PC builders and seasoned tech enthusiasts alike. So, are you ready to become the ultimate PC creator and build your dream computer? Download now and dive into the world of PC building and repair with PC Creator: 3D Simulation Game!

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