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Sequel to the classic football penalty shootout game brings more leagues and improved competition system.

Pick one of 360 football teams from 12 leagues (World cup, Euro cup, England, Germany, Spain...)! Cup is played in two phases - group stage and knockout. During the group stage you need to rank 1st or 2nd to go to the knockout phase.

Game play remained the same - to shoot, press the screen anywhere and hold to aim. Release to make a kick. To save - press and hold (your goalkeeper will start moving towards the pointer) and release when you're ready to dive.

Tip: Don't shoot always in the same direction - opponent's goalkeeper is smart enough to read it! Just like in real penalty shootouts- stay cool and kick like a real soccer pro! When defending - a target will appear a moment before the opponent footballer kicks, showing the direction of the shot. Can you feel the fever?

Great fun for all soccer fans! Kick your way to the final match and get that trophy, champ!

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