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Players come to Shooter City to participate in the battle of smoke and fire with the smell of gunpowder. The player's task is to break a series of enemy to help people escape. In addition, besides the enemy, there will be people somewhere being captured, or the structural points of the building just waiting for you to affect them, they will collapse.The player's world is at a time of the apocalypse, with monsters and criminals raging. Helping the world get rid of the evil hands or not is all up to you!


In the earth a monster invasion from beyond the void. They have teardowned almost every city they pass through. And in every city they demolish there is always a boss monster that occupies the territory. At a time of turmoil, the defense ministry formed alliances around the world to fight and retake their homeland.

- You will play the role of a shooter of the special forces, equipped with the most advanced weapons to fight against the invasion of boss monsters and zombies. Hitmasters will have their own armies to fight, rescue people in the city and eventually they will destroy the boss monster and zombies.

- Monsters and zombies can attack the player by throwing objects such as vehicles, building fragments, or attack with special skills.Hitmasters will stand on the flying board moving in the straight line in the center of the city. The flying board will always move the flow according to the people.Shooter will take turns to rescue all the districts around the city, then will shoot the Boss Monster to put an end to monster survival

- Shooter need to protect the people running out of the Dead zone to win. If the monster catches up with people, shoots at people by mistake, or lets the Boss run close to the flying board, you will lose. Upgrading ammo will help guns using that type of ammo increase their power.

- Zombie killer shows no mercy. Survive as long as you can! Pixel City is free zombie killing game so don't worry, you will only lose your flesh and brains in worst case scenario.
- Unlock an arsenal of zombie killer weapons and other gear to overpower hordes of zombies
- Face with numberous deadly zombies. Destroy mad zombies with buffed guns in this Pixel City zombie game.
- City background, diverse characters
- Twist stimulates the player's heart. Pixel City trains you as a zombie killer and the main rule of surviving in this world is to kill them all.

Looking for fast and casual shooting fun? Pixel City combines the best of exciting action gameplay and easy accessibility. How about destroying some zombies and rescuing people in distress?

Be the only survivor, destroy all the dead enemies and become a high-skilled zombie killer!

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