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Welcome to Professional Fishing 2, the most realistic and immersive fishing game available on mobile devices!

Get ready to dive into a world of breathtaking 3D graphics, first-person and third-person views, and exciting online gameplay. Whether you're an experienced angler or just starting out, this game offers endless thrills and challenges.

Key Game Features:

- Stunning 3D Graphics and Realistic Locations -
Professional Fishing 2 takes fishing realism to a new level with advanced 3D graphics and detailed environments. Explore over 20 fishing locations around the world, including picturesque lakes in Poland, Germany, France, the UK, the USA, Canada, Norway, Russia, China, and India.

- Exciting Online Gameplay -
Compete with anglers from all over the world in thrilling online tournaments. Show off your skills, break records, and climb the global rankings. Every tournament is a new opportunity to prove your worth and win valuable prizes.

- Diverse Fishing Methods -
Professional Fishing 2 offers three different fishing methods:

Float Fishing: Perfect for calm and relaxing fishing.
Spinning: Great for catching predators in dynamic environments.
Feeder Fishing: Excellent for precise bottom fishing.

- Fishing Challenges -
Each location offers unique tasks and challenges. Gain experience and unlock new licenses for more spots and equipment. There's always something new to achieve!

- Wide Range of Equipment and Accessories -
Enhance your fishing experience with a wide range of equipment and accessories. Use baits, rod stands, bite alarms, and sonars to find the best fishing spots.

- Freedom of Movement -
Explore fishing locations with complete freedom of movement. Walk along the shore, wade in the water, or ride a boat. This freedom allows you to find the perfect fishing spot and adds a new level of immersion to your adventure.

- Camera View Modes -
The game offers two camera view modes: first-person and third-person, allowing for a more realistic and versatile fishing experience.

Download Professional Fishing 2 now and embark on the most immersive fishing adventure on your mobile device. Unforgettable excitement, competition, and relaxing moments in nature await you. Are you ready to become the best angler in the world?

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