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In the side menu bar you can find four special selections of relaxing audios to sleep and release fatigue.

In this application, in addition to enjoying the main online radios Radio 96.1 FM Station, you have 4 new playlists of relaxing sounds of nature, water, rain, storms, forests, rivers, oceans, snow and effects that will help you relax and relieve stress, not only you, but to put your baby to sleep, or calm your pets. There is also a playlist of ASMR audios and White Sounds or White Noise.

The powerful thing about these more than 130 relaxing audios is that you have the timer function so you can play one or more audios combined or not, from 1 minute to 10 continuous hours.

These relaxing audio playlists are special for meditation or moments of prayer to connect with elements of nature and its creator. If you like to write, it will be a very special way to inspire yourself while listening to these relaxing audios.

In addition, Radio 96.1 FM Station has these powerful functions:

Favorites: So that you always have your favorite radios on hand.
Recent: So you don't lose your history of radios that you have played.
Sleep Timer: You can sleep listening to music from the radio, and program the automatic shutdown of the app, and you also have more than 130 relaxing sounds at your disposal in the relaxation audio or musical therapy playlists, to program from 1 minute to 10 continuous hours, whether you want to listen for a certain amount of time or want to help you sleep.

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