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Are you ready for an action-packed 3D gun game-shooting and time bombs game? Explore a wide collection of realistic and fake gunshot; listen to gun sound effects as well as other powerful weapon sounds to serve your passion for warfare and powerful weapons. Enjoy the real life gunshot sounds and motions of your guns. Pick up your favorite gun and shoot your target now!

Gun simulator game lets you shoot a wide range of gun sounds such as shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, AK 47, RPGs, SMGs, Snipers, Grenades, mines, time bombs, shortgun, Lightsaber and more, to have thrilling fun with your friends. Its freaking real gun sound and simulation make it look real.

This gun simulator game is a harmless and safe way to experience real gun shooting. In order to give you real-life experience in gun game shooting, we designed this shotgun sounds: gun simulator game in a way that perfectly fits your mobile so you can hold it like a real gun. Also, when you press the trigger and fire the gun, the real guns sound and muzzle flash will come out of your device, so you get a feeling of it perfectly like an actual 3D gun.


- Real gun sounds and natural gun sound effects and bomb sounds game
- Play with a variety of colorful lightsaber sticks
- Diverse environment for guns & lightsaber: Rain, Snow, & Wind
- While firing guns or weapons, the phone vibrates and flashes turn on for making your experience more realistic
- All gun sound effects are available to prank your friends
- Shack the mobile to blast the granade or time bombs
- Four modes for shooting guns: Single shot, burst mode, auto, & shake mode
- War-like UI/UX to give a natural touch to guns when you hold the device
- History of guns to know more about them
- A lot of guns, grenades, nightsticks, lightsaber and bombs to play with
- Auto reload and unlimited ammo
- Safe and won't hurt anyone

How to Play Real Gun Sounds: Lightsaber Gun Simulator?

The 3D gun sounds: lightsaber gun simulator game is very easy to play. We designed the game in such a way that anyone—kids, teens, young people, and old people—can easily play with it.

All you need to do is follow below steps:

1. Download the 3D Gun Simulator: Real Gun Sounds game into your mobile
2. Choose your weapon: Guns, Assault Rifles, Time Bombs, or grenades.
3. Load and fire your weapon.
4. When you fire the gunshot, your phone will vibrate with a flash.

It is that easy!!!

What to Play with a 3D Gun Sound Simulator Game?

You can play real gun sounds pranks and many lightsaber games with your friends by using a gun sounds simulator game.

→ Prank your friends and scare them with real gun game. Its thrilling gunshot sounds will freak them out
→ Play a real war game with your friends. Load your guns and fire on them
→ Best for gun training and learning to improve your aiming skills and be a shooting master
→ Real gun sounds and bomb explosion sound effects to frighten your family members
→ Also really works on pets, Making them angry or panic by 3D gun sound effects

Which weapons will you get in this Real Gun Sounds and Lightsaber Simulator?

~ AK 47
~ M1-J
~ Bang Flag
~ A1-L96 A1
~ M84-Grenade
~ Granade-F-1
~ Bomb
~ Browning-M2HB
~ Bazooka
~ Groza
~ Coachcan
~ F 2000
~ Skorpion
~ Colt-Python
~ Eagle-MI
~ FN-M249
~ Flame Thrower
~ M 32
~ Laser
~ Handgun
~ Pistol
~ ShotGun
~ Molten Beast
~ M67 Grenade
~ HG85 Grenade
~ Beano T13 Grenade
~ DM51 Grenade
~ RPG43 Grenade
~ Tellermine 35
~ Time bombs
~ Lightsaber Stick

Show your Gun-Fu skills to everyone and fire gun sounds effects like a pro. Download the 3D gun game- gun simulator gun shot sounds game on your smartphone.

We're eager to hear about your experience with our gun sound lightsaber simulator gun game! Share your feedback through reviews to help us enhance the game. Tell us which gun or weapon you'd like to fire. And please take a moment to rate us.

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