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We present you an exciting game, mushroom searching simulator. “Silent hunting” this is exactly how mushroom pickers call their favourite activity.

Mushroom pickers have been called silent hunters for long. They brought tasty, nutritious food home without any gunshots or splashes of water: honey fungus, penny bun, birch boletus, chanterelle, red boletus, suillus, rusulla, lactarius..

Times change. Today the silent hunting is not only and not as much harvesting for delicious and nourishing food, but as a process of communication with nature, enjoyment of her beauties, which organically blend with the hunting process; a gripping search and, if possible, the mushroom gathering.

We can feel the nature again only during the silent hunting, mushroom gathering; we see it, we become the part of it. This is the process of short-term return to the place, which we left a long time ago and headed to the cities and civilization. And how it is pleasant to escape from it even for the short period of time. You just need to pick the time and go for mushrooms.

You have an opportunity to enjoy the process of gathering mushrooms thoroughly, to study mushrooms which you have found and feel the atmosphere of a wild forest. Each found mushroom, you can study in the mushroom gallery and discover all needed information about it.
But be careful, there are wild animals in the game: bears, wolves, boars, which can sometimes threaten the lives of people. Although, don't worry about deer and rabbits.

You can use an SUV for a fast transfer, which will give you the opportunity to gather more mushrooms in any weather.

- A spacious, open world in the forest
- The variety of mushrooms
- The mushroom gallery for detailed information about mushrooms
- An SUV for a fast travel on the map
- The weather simulation: sun and rain
- Wild animals.

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