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Rtx shader mod for Minecraft is an addon that dramatically improve the graphics in the game mcpe Bedrock. For 2022, the graphics in mc Pocket Edition are already outdated, compared to other games. That is why we want to present you our realistic additions Rtx Shaders for mcpe. This shader mod for mc Pocket Edition contains both a shader pack and a texture pack in 4k resolution to improve your standard graphics.

Addon Rtx Shaders for mcpe is a modern technology that generates ray tracing, in real time, so that your performance, in mcpe Bedrock, does not sag. The graphics that you have after downloading the addon shaders and textures for Minecraft become incredibly smooth and realistic. Absolutely no textures, I cannot give such an effect that rtx shaders create. Texture Pack of the modern generation require much less resources to display a good shaders and textures for Minecraft.

Rtx shader mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition completely improve the graphics settings for your game using the Shaders and textures for Minecraft, and the textures of absolutely every object or block become very realistic. Graphics is the main part of the game, not including the plot, so it must be at a decent level, it is because of this that the packs that is built into the addiitions Rtx Shaders for mcpe show you a completely different game.

When ordinary Shader pack work, they load your device very much and lower fps. But the technology, which is made in Rtx shader mod for Minecraft, does not load the device and does not reduce performance. The shader pack and texture pack that are added to this addon have such realistic graphics settings that you can accidentally confuse the mcpe Bedrock game with another 2022 game.

If you like the graphics in additions like Rtx Shaders for mc and Rtx shaders, then you can let us know and we release such mods and addons more often.

The addons and mods we release are not official additions for this game. All official mods and addons belong exclusively to Mojang ab. All rights reserved, and the mcpe name and trademark are also owned by Mojang

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