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▶ NEW CLASS: Monkey King lands in Sacred Summons!
A Grand Summoning Experience Awaits! Download now and get free 100 summon tickets!

The Monkey King knew that the Ghost Tribe had been wreaking havoc in the mortal realm, but he ignored it since it didn't affect him and his beloved heavenly peaches. However, when the peaches stopped growing he realized that the miasma unleashed by the Ghost tribe to breach the god realm had also affected the growth of the peaches. Seeing the trouble brewing, Monkey King decides to take matters into his own hands and prepares to enter the realm.

Idle MMORPG With Auto Adventure
Sit back and enjoy the immersive storyline with auto-adventure features. Experience non-stop excitement and progress effortlessly. Get rewarded when you are idle in Sacred Summons, allowing you to achieve maximum rewards with minimal effort.

Fast Leveling Gameplay
Hate the grind? We understand. Dive straight into unlocking end-game content with fast leveling at Sacred Summons. Experience the ultimate gaming journey without spending much time on leveling.

Exciting End Game Content
Participate in competitive cross-server PvP content and dominate your enemies from another server. Climb up the leaderboard rankings to score epic exclusive rewards.

Free 100 Summon Tickets
Summon over 30 unique Guardians from the spiritual realm to fight alongside your battles and defeat enemies standing in your way.

Create Stunning Characters
Drown in hours perfecting your character's appearance with highly customizable character creation. Choose from different hairstyles, eye colours, skin tones, and makeup for your perfect look.

Defeat World Bosses Alone Or With Friends
Defeat epic bosses and obtain the spoils of war to upgrade your combat power. Experience the thrill of triumph, where teamwork and strategy are the keys to victory.

Over 100 Mounts, Costumes, and Wings To Unlock
Deck yourself in fancy costumes, wings, mounts, and effects while dominating the battlefield. Express your unique personality and fashion sense like never before and stand out from the crowd.

7 Classes To Choose From
Embark on your journey with 7 distinct classes that cater to your combat style. Each class comes with its own unique set of skills and abilities, allowing you to choose a playstyle that suits your preferences and personality.

Meet Your True Love
Celebrate your love! Unlock dating scenes and increase combat power when marrying your other half. Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for gaming and adventure.


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