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If you have a Samsung TV, you can control it with your phone easily. Download the Remote control for Samsung TV app and enjoy now

This Samsung TV Remote Control app can set a virtual remote control in your smartphone. It is a smart Remote control for all Samsung TVs, which is completely free.

Samsung TV Remote is compatible with all Smart TVs starting from Series F:
* Samsung Smart TV F Series (2013)
* Samsung Smart TV H Series (2014)
* Samsung Smart TV J Series (2015)
* Samsung Smart TV K Series (2016)
* Samsung Smart TV L, M, N, Q Series (2017)
For old TV models (e.g. Samsung Smart TV series D) your phone must have IR Blaster

★ K-Series (2016+) Samsung Tizen models with MultiScreen Smart TV control feature your phone must be set as allowed device in Mobile Device Manager. If this app connects to your TV on the first time, then you have to accept the message that appears on your TV. If you have refused the confirmation message on your TV ("accept device"), it is possible later to change your selection by going to: Menu -> Network -> Expert Settings -> Mobile Device Manager

Make sure your television and phone or tablet are connected to the same local network. This app will work only then when your phone and TV are both on the same local network!

* Suitable remote for all Samsung smart TV.
* Time-saving debugging remote button.
* Easy to add TV remote, easy to control TV.
* Multiple remote control additions, switch whenever.

Remotie is a really smart remote for your Samsung TV. There is no need to re-connect to the TV if you got distracted by a phone call. Once you decide to continue, the application will automatically restore the connection.

Note: Text input is only available in the Smart Hub apps which support Samsung keyboard. The keyboard will appear on mobile device screen automatically after you activate the input field on your TV/BD-Ray screen. Some services, like Netflix, YouTube and others, have their own keyboards and are not supported by Remotie.

Thanks for download Remote control for Samsung TV app

This app is NOT affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung Group. Samsung is a trademark of Samsung Group.

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