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School Dot Fight is an NSFW game that addresses the issue of school violence through familiar fighting action gameplay. Join the game, you will have to show your fighting skills by defeating all enemies in the fight. Transforming into a high school girl, what will you do to solve the problem of school violence?School Dot Fight – NSFW game combined with fighting elements:Get ready for the ultimate fighting action experience in School Dot Fight. This is an NSFW game inspired by the problem of school violence from the publisher Mosaic. Join the game, you will transform into a schoolgirl with extraordinary strength. You will be the one to solve school problems at schools in the city.Easy-to-understand controls and basic skills :School Dot Fight offers basic controls with built-in virtual buttons on the main screen. Each virtual button will correspond to a specific combat action. You just need to combine these skills appropriately to optimize the amount of damage done to your enemies. Besides, you can also pick up weapons like swords or spears by moving closer to the icon of a specific weapon. Also, don’t forget to use various items like grenades, smoke bombs, machine guns, rocket launchers, and more to increase your odds of winning.Classic pixel-style 2D graphics:The graphics quality of School Dot Fight only stops at the classic 2D level but still gives players an engaging fighting experience. Accordingly, the classic pixel style applied to every detail such as characters, environments, and combat effects will make you feel like you are playing the fighting games of the 90s. Overall, the nostalgia of this game is expressed very clearly through outstanding images and sound quality.

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