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⏳ You've been waiting for this for a long time.. And now it's finally!
Simple Sandbox 3: Pixel Craft has reached a completely new level.

Everyone's favorite sandbox Playground 3D online, a kind of remake of SSB 2, but with a different plot and implementation.

SSB 3 - Absolute freedom of action

It's time - here and now - to create your own open world RPG with our construction simulator!

Here is in Sand box you can:

build and break
shoot and attack
arrange fights without rules in RPG mode

Absolute freedom of action with Pixel Craft.

SSB 3 : Hundreds of free items and new game modes are already waiting for you, as well as:

new sand box game maps
various weapons
pixel craft
1000+ items and collections
regular Simple Sanbox updates
cool SSB community
bonuses, gifts, promotional codes
holiday competitions
open world racing

Sandbox Playground Battle Simulator: Play with friends around the world, invite your buddy s or make friends in the action sandbox game online!

If you are against interference in your personal gaming space SSB 3 or have any problems with the Internet, you always have the opportunity to play our Sandbox games offline.

Just have fun

In this open world is your playground where you will forget about all your problems and just have fun alone or with friends online.

In our construction simulator you can build whatever you want using a huge collection of items! You can take part in the battle simulator using any weapon, as well as:

Choose a character from ready-to-play skins
Start the game in single player mode, continue in Samdbox multiplayer mode
Get rewards for the time you spend in the game, for inviting friends and for the building the best city
Receive SSB bonuses and promotional codes by participating in our competitions
Share your impressions in the comments or on any social networks
Become part of the our sandbox games community, make new friends, chat

The sandbox packs for free

In addition to standard construction resources, you have access to such items as:

military equipment

SSB 3 : Choose a battlefield and arrange battles and wars!

A lot of sanbox maps with unique 3D graphics, hundreds of free items and new game modes are already waiting for you.

Arrange competitive battles “The Best SSB 3 City”, share with friends on social networks! Take part in competitions and win prizes and bonuses from Samdbox Pixel Craft.

Pixel sandbox world

We bring to your attention a multiplayer construction simulator from the first and third person.

Simple Sandbox 3D : RP is a thoughtful pixel graphics that allows us to create thousands of high-quality blockheads skins, maps and items for you! Here you will also find ready-made samdbox maps with buildings: come in and arrange battles with friends or with random players!

Construction shooter RP

Unique graphics in our sandbox physics is already ready for you.

High-quality graphics in the game allow you to control objects as conveniently as possible, so that you can build your own open world, as close as possible to the real one.

Follow our news:

Over time, we will make it possible to communicate between all SSB games. And now join our social networks so as not to miss important announcements and competitions where you can win game coins, items and promotional codes:

[email protected]
⬇️ vkontakte:
✖️ twitter:

Become a part of The sandbox game right now!

SSB 3 - Create your own 3D world, invite friends to the game or make new ones.
Join now to experience the open world RPG with the action Simple Sandbox 3 : Pixel Craft!

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