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- Mire videos sin anuncios utilizando Auto Ad Skipper en esta aplicación
- Verifique la hora del uso de la reproducción de su video durante un día
- rastree la cantidad de veces que el bloqueo de anuncios de esta aplicación de bloqueo de anuncios < BR/>- Descubra cuántas veces esta aplicación omite los anuncios Día/Mes Wise
- Cambie la configuración por su cuenta para comenzar o detener el bloqueo de anuncios
- Establezca el temporizador para la acción de pausa para iniciar el anuncio -Free Journey Again a tiempo
- Apague el sonido cuando se reproducen anuncios
- Autoplay el siguiente video una vez que termina el video en curso


Who likes Interruption? No one. The unwanted noise of ads that seek our attention & action can be dealt magically by a simple tool. Skip Ads or block on video streaming platforms.

People tend to search for videos more than content which is an advantage for all advertisers and publishers who can easily set up and show up too many ads to people, which becomes annoying for all the watchers as they are distractors right?

Introducing this ad blocker to avoid ads for all the videos watchers around the world

Experience no commercials advertising while watching videos and track usage time with skip ads for video stream: ad blocker & ad cleaner Application.

The app simply gives an answer on how to remove ads:

App features:

- Watch ad-free videos by using auto ad skipper in this app
- Check the time of your video play usage during a day
- Track the number of times ad-block by this ad-blocker application
- Find out how many times this app skips ads day/month-wise
- Change the settings on your own for starting or stopping ad blocking
- Set the Timer for pause action to start the ad-free journey again on time
- Turn off the sound when ads are being played
- Autoplay the next video once the ongoing video ends

- This auto ad skipper app Skip ads use the Accessibility API.
- The Skip ads comply with the API Terms of Use.
- This ad blocker app is safe and does not collect any personal data.
- This Accessible service permission is required for the "Auto Ad Skipper" app to run correctly.
- This free ad blocker app doesn't promise ad-free video streaming, it helps to skip ads as an auto ad skipper and tries to remove ads in maximum numbers.

Ad blocker to skip Video ads has the following benefits:

- Saves time & effort to go and click the skip Ads button comes on screen, easy Ad remover for all Video advertisements
- Get the day & month wise chart of your app's active time to control and manage your video watch activities
- Skip out ad blocker app starts working once you activate the start button given inside the application, you can even stop the auto ad skipper feature anytime when needed
- Adblocking helps the adverts to stop playing after the mentioned seconds in a silent way automatically.
- Ad guard as ads blocker to stop annoying ads by muting off the sound until the ad gets skipped
- Helping oneself to control surfing videos by pausing the app as per preset timings.

Avoid ads successfully by installing the auto ad skipper app on your mobile and start your no-commercial ad-free journey today. Just block ads and remove ads by skipping them automatically without any effort.

Enjoy video surfing and video streaming easily with other features like sounds mute and video watching time tracking.

Have this Auto skip ads Pro app on your phone, and enjoy Videos sitting back relaxed, as the app will handle the Ads for you.

Don't forget to share your rating and reviews with us about this app which will help us improve our app for you all.

Enjoy and Keep watching ad-free videos.

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