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Welcome to Terra World – a realm of boundless creativity, where your imagination reigns supreme in building worlds, crafting characters, and weaving narratives. This unique children's app combines the joy of dress-up games and avatar creation with an immersive storytelling experience, making it a perfect blend of fun and learning.

Explore Bustling Towns and Magical Scenes
Dive into 8 diverse and lively scenes including a school, grocery store, restaurant, park, residential areas, police station, cabin, and beauty salon. Each setting offers a distinct backdrop for your adventures. Choose from two spacious houses to decorate as per your whims, and relive the excitement of school life, or enjoy picnics with friends in the park. Embody a brave police officer, outsmarting cunning criminals. In Terra World, you're free to live out any story you can imagine!

Customizable Avatar System
With our Avatar Maker, unleash your creativity by designing avatars with over 1000 character components. Tailor every detail – from facial features and hairstyles (ranging from quirky grandpas to dreamily dressed girls) to glasses and hats. Our Kawaii Avatar system brings characters to life with adorable expressions, adding zest to your avatar world. Swap in whimsical, funny expressions to make each character uniquely yours!

Interactive Gameplay
Engage with a multitude of props, dragging and dropping them anywhere in the scene. Plant a seed, water it, and watch as beautiful flowers bloom. Pile up heaps of food, or toss unwanted items into the trash – the possibilities are endless. More hidden interactions await your discovery!

Craft Your Own Stories
With distinctive characters and detailed settings enhanced by rich interactions, what kind of spark will you ignite? Use your favorite avatars to create enthralling stories in any scene. In Terra World, you're the master of the narrative!

More Locations and Characters
Our store boasts a wide array of locations and characters, catering to different budgets and preferences. Regular updates will introduce even more scenes, enriching this world's diversity. Stay tuned!

We believe that exploring the infinite possibilities of Terra World can ignite children's creativity and imagination, aiding their healthy and joyful development. Join us in Terra World for an adventure like no other!

Product Features
• 8 explorable scenes: School, Grocery Store, Restaurant, Park, Houses, Police Station, Cabin, Beauty Salon.
• Over 1000 avatar components including facial features, clothing, headgear, and face decorations.
• Endearing character expression system.
• Extensive prop interactions.
• Playable without an internet connection.
• Free of third-party advertisements.

This app is perfect for those who love Dress Up Games, Avatar Maker apps, and creating their own Avatar World. It offers a rich platform for designing Cartoon Characters, catering to both Girls & Boys. It includes features for creating Kawaii Avatars with Personalized Faces, Hairstyles, and a variety of Skin Colors and Facial Expressions. The Accessories and Room Designing elements add depth to the Kids Games experience, making it an Educational Game as well.

About Yateland:
Yateland's educational apps ignite the passion for learning through play among preschool children worldwide. We stand by our motto: "Apps that children love and parents trust." For more information about Yateland and our apps, please visit https://yateland.com.

Privacy Policy:
Yateland is committed to protecting user privacy. To understand how we handle these matters, please read our complete privacy policy at https://yateland.com/privacy.

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